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How are we gonna play: Let’s talk about numbers

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It’s already less than five months till the official start of the EMF EURO 2021. It might seem like enough time to get ready, for players to get into the right shape to play the best game of their life and for us to prepare.

But the time flies so fast. So we have prepared for you a short explanation of the tournament system. It’s going to be full of numbers, but don’t worry, no advanced algebra coming, you will just be using your fingers, that’s enough.

24 teams

We are ready to welcome 24 national teams from all around Europe. It is more than any European Minifootball Championship have ever had before. But as the trend of the sport is arising and its popularity even among smaller countries grows, we decided to increase the number of available spots. However, yes, the bracket challenge is a bit more challenging as 24 is not the usual number of participants, but we will take care.

6 teams

We split the teams into 6 groups, each having 4 teams. The draw will be done in late July, so please, wait for the exact group setting until that time. But we can definitely say that each team will play 3 matches in 4 days of the preliminary phase of the champs.

8 days

The EMF EURO 2021 will start officially on Friday, but the first game day will be on Saturday. The whole duration of the event will be 8 days, from Saturday to Saturday, both included. The last day of the tournament is reserved for the medal matches – the 3rd Place game and the Final Match. The number “eight” is also essential for the ticket holders, as you will be able to buy the tournament tickets soon.

4 days group stage + 4 days play off

8 equals 4 plus 4, right? And that means we are gonna split the whole 8-day long championship into 4 days of Preliminary phase + 4 days of the Playoff.
As we have mentioned before, every single team will play 3 group games in 4 days, having one day off in between.

16 playoff teams

Two-thirds of the teams will proceed from the Group stage to the Playoff. That means 16, yes. The top 4 teams from third places will support the first two teams from each group.

1 winner

The winner. The one and the only. As always. Which team will get the crown? Well, we have to wait for that couple more months.

Or maybe you already know that?